About Us

Innovation and manufacturing excellence is in our DNA
The right tools for the job

We understand the work demands of shift workers, technicians, engineers and operators who use our equipment on a daily basis. We therefore provide a range of high quality, intrinsic safe, robust products that is non-intrusive, easy to use and suited for extreme and hazardous environments.

End-to-end solutions

From standalone monitoring devices to custom manufactured wearables and communication networks, M3sh Technology provides end-to-end solutions that is supported by cloud computing and the advances of IoT.

Customer specific approach

We also design and build bespoke products and solutions -- tailored to each client’s needs. With over 25-years of Research and Development (R&D) behind us, we partner with clients and third-party providers to custom design and manufacture bespoke products.  

Safety standards

As an OEM, we uphold stringent industry standards and legal compliance is foremost.