At M3SH we offer a HOLISTIC SOLUTION FOR DIGITIZATION: robust, reliable equipment and data networks that increase health, safety and production through creating connected, monitored and protected working environments, assets, and employees while employing the latest technology and abiding by only the highest international standards and laws.


Our vision is to improve health, safety, and production in all harsh and high-risk industries. We do this by embracing research and technology to give you a healthier, safer, more productive, and more connected environment and employees than ever before.


Our ultimate passion is helping you achieve safer, healthier, and more productive employees and a work environment with a customized distribution agreement that will suit your needs, products, network, and industry.


With 30 years of industry experience, we collaborate with international clients and third-party providers to design and manufacture products for the mining, oil, and gas industries. We are a trusted partner to over 55 distribution points throughout South Africa – where our partners have a global reach