Noise Monitoring

The NM Noise Monitoring System from M3SH provides a robust monitoring alert systems that assist in protecting workers from high noise exposure. The NM Noise Monitoring System, is suitable for workshops, large industrial workspaces or yards.

Additional information

Permanent monitoring solution

Reliable on-site sound level measurements and 8-hour time weighted average tracking. Connected 24/7.

Fit for purpose

Specifically designed for large industrial workshops and work-yards

System customisation

System configuration with up to 5 noise sensors covering a 100m radius. Select from a wide range of system and connectivity options – Wifi, mobile, wired and RS485 network options to create a remote, standalone or control room integrated solution.

On site effective alerts

Flashing notification and trigger alerts when set noise limits, or time weighted daily average is exceeded. Allows for quick response in order to address compliance concerns and identify noise source.