Industrial Internet of Things

Holistic solution for digitization – Industry 4.0
A comprehensive health-and-safety solution for industry.
Protecting, monitoring, connecting – workers, the environment, vehicles, assets and equipment.

Connected environment: Monitor alarms for smoke/ early fire; hazardous/toxic gasses and chemicals; dust particulate; diesel particulate; and ambient conditions including air velocity and noise.
Connected workers: TMM Collision prevention (CAS/PDS); traffic management including beacons; worker wearable/lost miner locator and assets trackers.
Connected machine / motors: Remote management; automation; power safety relays and barriers.

Fixed installation devices fitted with IoT sensors to track environmental conditions (hazardous and harmful gases, chemicals and ambient conditions including dust, diesel particulate and noise.) Intrinsic safe versions available.

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RS485 Modbus RTU cable connection


IIoT / Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n support and 802.11 n (2.4 GHz), up to 150 Mbps)




M3SH network to buffer wireless connection


Site specific interfacing and remote connections are available