P511 Air Velocity Monitor

The P511 Air Velocity monitor is designed for multiple applications where precise digital measurements of wind speed are required. Configurable audible and visual indications; the P511 is a perfect solution to assist with air flow management.

Additional information


The P511 uses a 93dB audible device configured to sound at pre-set alarm levels (Optional).

Visual Indication

The visual indication is visible 360° around the unit, with red and green for alarm and no alarm conditions respectively.


Two embedded platinum sensors are used to ensure long term reliable operation in harsh conditions.


Digital signal processing ensures accurate air velocity measurements over the full specified temperature range.


Sensor range 0 to 10m/s Operating range 0 to 10m/s Operating temperature range -10°C to 50°C

Response Time

30 sec (P511 non-IS & Mains) Response time 120 sec (EX ia)