At M3SH we offer a HOLISTIC SOLUTION FOR DIGITIZATION: robust, reliable equipment and data networks that increase safety and productivity through creating connected, monitored and protected working environments, assets, and employees while employing the latest technology and abiding by only the highest international standards and laws.

Our FleetPRO and FleetPRO+ series use the latest sensor technology and reliable wireless sensor network protocols to offer advanced 360° proximity detection and collision avoidance for mobile equipment and people in all environments.

Real-time detection and monitoring of various toxic gasses and chemicals, ambient conditions, smoke, and early fire. Our robust environmental solutions are ideal for harsh mining and industrial environments to increase health, safety, and production.

We ensure you get the most out of your products by offering a large variety of communication options that suit your product network and guarantee secure critical information flow and real-time data monitoring.

We offer advanced multi-functional motor protection, phase failure detection, rotation relays, and intrinsic-safe barriers with integrated protection, metering,
monitoring, and automated functions for all motors – regardless of size, capacity, speed, or torque.